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Shot in black and white this 1965 exploitation film is considered by many to be one of the best trash cinema films ever made.

The film tells the story of three drag racing go-go dancers – Varla, the group’s leader and a psychopath, Rosie, an Italian with a secret crush on Varla, and Billie, a bubbly blonde who only wants to have fun.  Whilst drag racing in the desert the trio meet a couple leading to Varla eventually killing the man and kidnapping his girlfriend.  Whilst at a gas station the, now, four see a crippled old man and his son.  When the gas station attendant tells them that they live on a remote ranch with a stash of cash Varla begins to hatch a plan to relieve the old man of the money.  The group trail the family back to their ranch and, after searching for the money on the grounds, try to get the location of the money from the old mans sons but when this fails Varla’s psychopathic side comes out.

At the time the film featured scenes of gratuitous violence and sexuality, although the latter is tame considering Myer’s taste for women with considerable assets, and explores the theme of violence in women.  Considering the 40+ years that have passed since this film was originally shot and released these scenes seems tame by today’s standards.

Whilst the plot is simple the story has a tendency to jump around and the characters never get developed so there isn’t any understanding as to why Varla simply snaps and kills people and the other two girls don’t seem to exist other than to be ordered around by her.  Despite this many believe that Myer’s portrayal of women, especially in Faster, Pussycat! depicts them as strong figures and as such can be considered a positive force for female empowerment.

Given it’s cult status there’s no surprise that Faster, Pussycat! has inspired various imitations, such as 2009’s Bitch Slap, and music video homages like Queens of the Stone Age’s video for 3’s & 7’s.